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3D viewer update - potential call for help

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Topic: 3D viewer update - potential call for help
Posted By: administrator
Subject: 3D viewer update - potential call for help
Date Posted: 23 May 2017 at 11:25pm
Hey guys!

I apologize it's been a while since I posted an update; things have just been a little loony lately. Anywho, I wanted to at least post about the the future of the 3D viewer. To explain things properly requires a bit of history for those that are unaware...

Prior to 2010, the only viewer we had was the 2D viewer (originally a download, but eventually the online Javascript version you can still access today).    Good? Eh... not really... but it did the job.   

To be competitive with other online horse racing games, I decided to invest a pretty good chunk of change into a 3D viewer (as graphics are NOT my wheelhouse). I contracted BLIT to create a Unity 3D viewer for the game using Unity, and they did a pretty great job.   All was right in Simland for 6-7 years.. unfortunately...

Beginning in 2016, most major browsers (rightfully) began clamping down on potential security loopholes in their software.    In the process, they decided to shut down the use of all NPAPI plugins (except for Flash, which is set to be shut down eventually). Unfortunately, Unity 3D uses this NPAPI plugin and, as such, is being phased out of most browsers... BOOO...

The eventual goal of these browsers is to allow for HTML5 to replace these plugins, but we're nowhere near that. Sadly, this means the Unity 3D viewer for the horseracing game as we know it is ending it's current online lifecycle.     

So what is a small game like ours to do? Well - I plan on having the current viewer re-engineered to be "downloadable" (and connect to the races outside the game). It won't be nearly as convenient as the current viewer (at least not at first), but will allow players the option to see their horses run in all of their 3D glory.

Initially, I am looking for anyone that knows Unity 3D.   I doubt I'll find anyone with this message but who knows? Unfortunately, due to contractual obligations, I cannot give the viewer code directly to this person. I can, however, give this person specs on scenes I need to be created to eventually incorporate into the current code. I would be happy to pay this person in real money or a very generous amount of credits.

If I get no takers, I plan on posting this request to no later than June 12th. I had a pretty rough experience previously with (their predecessor), but I'm willing to give it another go.

So that's where we are.

Thank you as always for playing the game, as well as your patience with a small outfit such as ours!


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